I have 19 children, I struggle to feed them but I’m pregnant with my 20th child & I won’t stop having children

 39-year-old woman who has no plans stopping to give birth has said that she is expecting her 20th child.

The woman identified as Martha hails from Medellin, Colombia disclosed that she wants to continue having children until her body cannot conceive more.

Despite that, Martha has been receiving government support for each of her children which she has for different men.


She said: “I see being a mom like a business, practically.

“The truth is, as the government helps me for each child, I receive a little money for each one”

Martha also explained that she receives government support to help with the costs of raising her 19 children.

For her eldest child, she receives $76 per month, while for her youngest child, she receives around $30.50 per month. 

In total, she receives $510 per month from the Colombian state. She described how living in a small three-bedroom home with all of her children is challenging, and she relies on support from her local church and neighbors. 

She admitted that feeding her children is a struggle, as she has a limited budget.

Martha also bragged that she would continue to have more children until her body does not allow it anymore.

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