I am 25, and My husband is 48, People call me his daughter but I will keep defending our love

A Young lady who is in a relationship with a man older than her has revealed that people mistake her for his daughter Alongside with her 5yr old daughter. 

Aaliya Lara from Rancho, southern california has been together with her 48yr old husband, Steve Lara for two years before eventually tying knot last year August.

Despite the critics, The couples showed everyone that love does not matter age.

She said: “Many times, people have told him that his daughters – referring to me and my five-year-old – are beautiful and I quickly let them know I’m his wife.

“At restaurants, they will ask if I need a child’s menu. 

“I don’t consider these comments negative, but they are very embarrassing. 

“Since I’ve posted our relationship online though, the negative comments have been plentiful. 

“[We get] comments like, “This is sick”, “He’s a predator 

“He will leave you for someone younger when you get older”, and many more that I try to block as soon as they pop up. 

Aaliya Lara with her 5yr old daughter, Addylin

“I think the most negative, hateful comment I’ve received was, along the lines of “Bruce Willis got dementia and his young wife left him, she’s going to do the same thing.

“From the outside looking in, I guess our relationship can seem shallow. But it breaks my heart for someone to even speak something like dementia into existence for the man I love. 

“On top of that, the statement is completely untrue. 

“I’ve taken into consideration everything that comes with dating a man older than me. 

“It may sound naïve, but I am prepared to deal with whatever is thrown at us and intend to take care of him until his last breath. 

“No matter how difficult it may get because that’s the kind of connection we’ve built in our friendship way before getting married. 

“My favorite comment was, “I can tell he loves you so much by the look in his eyes”. 

‘We’ve received a lot of support online from couples in their own age-gap relationships. 

‘While I didn’t intend to be one of the faces of age gap love, I’m happy to step up and prove to the doubters that our love is real.’

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