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Challenges Facing The World Is A Result Of Biblical Calendar Neglect

The Seventh Day Sabbath declared that the whole world created by God had an established Calender year which has a total of twelve equal months in the Ancient Hebraic calender year therefore making ABIB which was later on called NISAN as the first month of the Biblical Calender year.
The Hebraic calender had a seven year cycle Almanac however the Jewish calender is a 19 year cycle calender, established in the 4th century AD.
Addressing the media, Apostle Kadmiel gave highlights on some ancient festivals and calenders which was in existence; Seasonal Religious Festivals, Gentile Kingdoms,Twelve Equal Months, Ancient Egyptian Calender Year,Ancient Mayan Calender Year, Julian Roman Calender year, Gregorian Calender year, French Republic Calender year, Fixed Jewish calender year and Hebrew calender which is the present day calender of the Jews, based on a Lunar month and adjusted to the solar year, the month having alternatively 30 and 29 days.
Without theological controversy, the Jewish religion, Roman Christendom, Islamic Religion and others have traditional religious calenders. Likewise in Ghana, the Ashanti Kingdom, Akuapim Kingdom, Fanti Kingdom, Ga Kingdom, Ewe Kingdom and other Kingdoms have calenders to regulate their traditional religious festivals.
Teacher of Prophetic Word History who doubles as the Founder and Leader of the Seventh Day Congregation of Theocracy, Apostle Kadmiel E.H Agbalenyoh during the launch of Biblical Religious Calendar Year under the Theme: Regulating religious festivals with creation calendar has stated some challenges that are bound to face the world if the biblical calender is not brought to use.
He further gave insights into how negatively the restistance of the calender is going to pose as a threat to Christians and the way forward, making mention of the current LGBTQ+ and others which he described as challenges the world will continuing facing if the right things are not put in place.
In conclusion he advised party supporters and the general public to desist attacking their opponents and also put a stop to politics of insults.

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