My family refused to come to my wedding because my husband did not pay bride price – Lady laments, thanks sister for attending her wedding

A South african lady has taken to Tiktok to thank her sister for attending her wedding after her family refused to show up for her wedding.

The lady identified as Piinkybae showed photos of her sister standing next to her while they both took pictures on her wedding day despite no support from her family members because her husband refused to pay bride price.

“To my who attended my wedding, while the rest of the family refused to come because no lobola (Bride price) was paid.”  she captioned the video

Reacting to this, a social media user wrote: “He should have at least paid something nje even 1k and pay the rest later nothing zero hai, that’s disrespectful”

Another wrote: “how can you disrespect your family like that? That man will never respect you, he will show you flames.”



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