Embrace the Spirit of Curiosity and Creativity – Acting Vice Chancellor of UniMAC Charges Newly Admitted Students at the 2nd Matriculation of the University

The Acting Vice-Chancellor of the University of Media, Arts and Communication (UniMAC), Prof Eric Opoku Mensah has admonished newly admitted students to embrace a spirit of curiosity and creativity at the university’s 2nd Matriculation Ceremony on Friday the 23rd of February at the South Legon campus of the University. The ceremony combined physical presence with virtual participation in a colourful event that exemplified the university’s growth agenda.

Under the distinguished leadership of Prof. Opoku Mensah, the matriculation ceremony served as a beacon of inspiration for both incoming students and the wider UniMAC community, with a resounding call on the fresh students to seek support, collaborate, and endeavour to chart a path that brings positive change to society. Prof. Opoku Mensah’s stirring address underscored the university’s dedication to fostering a dynamic learning environment.

The ceremony saw a select group of students gathered in person to be officially welcomed to the university. Meanwhile, a diverse array of participants comprising newly admitted undergraduate and postgraduate students joined the event virtually, leveraging technology to bridge geographical barriers and ensure maximum accessibility.

In his admonition to the students, Prof. Opoku Mensah emphasized the importance of curiosity as a driving force for intellectual growth and discovery. He encouraged students to cultivate a mindset of creativity, harnessing their innovative potential to tackle complex challenges and shape the future of media, arts, and communication. Additionally, Prof. Opoku Mensah underscored the transformative power of collaboration and networking, urging students to leverage their diverse perspectives and talents within the UniMAC community to effect positive social change.

The dual-format matriculation ceremony exemplified UniMAC’s commitment to adaptability and resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges. By seamlessly integrating physical and virtual elements, the event provided an inclusive platform for students to be officially ushered into the UniMAC community and forge connections with their peers, faculty, and the wider university community.

Reflecting on the success of the ceremony, Prof. Opoku Mensah expressed his gratitude to all participants for their unwavering support and enthusiasm. He reiterated UniMAC’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence, great student experience, and student success, pledging to continue creating an environment where students can thrive and realize their fullest potential.

As UniMAC looks toward the future, the 2nd Matriculation Ceremony stands as a testament to the university’s enduring legacy of excellence and its steadfast dedication to shaping the next generation of media, arts, and communication professionals.

About UniMAC:
UniMAC is a merger between the former Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ), the Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) and the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI).

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