Asikuma Odoben Abrakwa: Health Workers Threaten Strike Over Poor Facilities

Health workers at the Asikuma Odoben Abrakwa in the central region of Ghana have threatened to embark on strike if the facilities of the Asikuma Odoben Abrakwa Health Center are not improved.

According to the Health workers of the hospital, the Hospital has been in the deteriorating state for the last 6 years but no attention has been given to it by the Authorities to find solutions.

They said in the last 6 years they have continually complained to the authorities to work on the ill facilities but no proper attention has been given to them.

One of the health workers disclosed that when it rains, buckets and bowls have to be positioned at specific places to avoid flood as there are leakages from the roof.

The fed-up workers warned that if the problem is not fixed within the shortest period of time they will head to strike and possibly seek transfer to work elsewhere.


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