OLA Headmistress In Trouble, She Will Be Demoted – Education Minister

The Hon Minister of Education has decided to demote and send the Headmistress of Ola Girls to the classroom to teach. This has arisen as a result of an unauthorised prospectus that contained unapproved items from the GES and the Education ministry .

The visibly worried sector Minister did not understand why the headmistress after the punishment meted out to some ‘recalcitrant’ headmasters/ mistresses has the guts to charge unapproved fees.

“She came here pleading but we can’t take that because we will not obstruct any child from being educated. Education is the key to poverty eradication and we will do everything to protect the Ghanaian child from exploitation by these Shylock heads of school. If l was given this long prospectus in my chilhood, would l have gone to school? When l passed common entrance examination, my father did not have money to send me to school. I had to sell my brother,’s pig and do some back- breaking jobs to go to school .Today because of education, am here supervising the whole country’s educational system. So it’s my avowed principle that no one should stand in the way of any child in Ghana , and the President is serious about it “

There’s too much poverty in the country giving cause to premature death, drunkeness, diseases, stigmatisation, melancholy ,destitution,etc .It’s only education that can put brakes on these maladies. My father is not educated, my mother likewise so if it had not been my brother, maybe, now l would be a poor palmwine tapper emptying the gourds in the village somewhere. So this is a warning to all heads of second cycle institutions to be steady and turn new leaf to avoid an embarrassment “

Source :Nana Poku /

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