Latest pastor emerged in the Ashanti Region claiming he resurrects the dead fails to resurrect the dead, asked for more time but still failed

A pastor who has been identified as Osofo Samuel Owusu claiming he possesses the power of resurrecting the dead woefully failed in his attempt to resurrect a dead human being in Asomanfo Nkwanta in the Ashanti region of Ghana.

According to a mutuary worker at Zion Praise Mogue who spoke with Kessben FM’s Kwasi Ntiamoah on Breaking News, the pastor apparently came to the Mortuary to inform them that he has the power to resurrect freshly dead humans and thus should be given the right to resurrect some of the freshly dead.

A family who had just brought their dead relative decided to give it a try with the pastor and see whether they could have their relative resurrected.

The dead body was then taken to the pastor’s church where he was to resurrect the dead body.

After hours of praying and touching the dead, the dead could still not be resurrected.

He then asked for more time from the family of the dead but he could just not resurrect the dead as the body was sent back to the morgue.

According to the pastor, it was God who had given him the power to resurrect freshly dead human beings however the power failed to work.


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