Ghana to ban importation of (Yemuadie) tripes

Today, November 21, the government is scheduled to present a Constitutional Instrument (C.I) to Parliament with the aim of limiting the entry of certain strategic products into the nation.

The more than 20 items on the list will be rice, tripe (also known as “yemuadie” in Ghana), and diapers.

The action is a part of attempts to boost local industry, according to the Government.

K.T. Hammond, the minister of trade and industry, stated the following during a news briefing in parliament:

“Stomach of animals, bladder and the chunk of intestines (yemuadie), the country had had to put in an amount of about $164 million towards the importation of these items. We are taking steps to ensure that in terms of rice, there’s no poverty of rice in the country.”

By these restrictions, we are not going to ensure that there’s no food in the country at all; that is not the point at all. There have to be some efforts by the government to ensure that we go back to Acheampong’s operation feed yourself. There are about 22 items on the list, one of them, I think, is diapers. He said.

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