Biden says Al-Shifa hospital must be protected as fighting rages on in Gaza

  1. US President Biden says Al-Shifa hospital “must be protected” as fighting rages close to the facility in Gaza City
  2. His comments came as UK PM Rishi Sunak urged Israel to do everything possible to protect civilians in Gaza and called for an urgent humanitarian pause
  3. Israel has accused Hamas of running a command centre under Al-Shifa – which the hospital and Hamas deny
  4. The hospital, Gaza’s biggest, is “nearly a cemetery”, the World Health Organization has warned, with bodies piling up inside and outside
  5. Dozens of premature babies and 45 kidney patients needing dialysis can’t be treated properly due to a lack of power, says the UN
  6. The Israeli military says it’s in the process of “coordinating the transfer of incubators from a hospital in Israel to Gaza”
  7. Israel began striking Gaza after the Hamas attacks on 7 October, in which 1,200 people were killed and more than 200 taken hostage
  8. The Hamas-run health ministry says more than 11,000 people have been killed in Gaza since – of whom more than 4,500 were children

Source: BBC

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