Domici, Arthur, and Fiadzomor Triumph in 20km Race Walking Event

John Domici Dadzie, Seth Arthur, and Julius Atsu-Fiadzomor showcased their exceptional prowess in the recent Race Walk event held in Cape Coast, Central Region. They secured the coveted gold medal in the Men’s 20km Race Walk, achieving a remarkable time of 1:30, which was more than ten times their walking distance.

The Race Walk commenced at the University of Cape Coast (UCC) and led them through a challenging course, encompassing notable landmarks such as the new stadium, Abura, Pedu junction, Adisadel, Siwdu, Mfantsipim junction, Kotokoraba, London bridge, Ayekoo Ayekoo, Petrol roundabout, Borofoyedur, Idan, Cape Coast castle, Bakaano, and concluded at the community garden.

In a showcase of sheer dominance, Domici, Arthur, and Fiadzomor not only secured their top positions but also earned their spots in the upcoming All Africa Games, set to be hosted in Accra. This remarkable achievement further solidified their control over the race, highlighting their exceptional preparation and outstanding form this season.

John Domici Dadzie, the triumphant champion, expressed his confidence during a post-race interview, affirming that their final training session ahead of the All Africa Games signaled their readiness to compete for the championship.

The victors of the Men’s 20km Race Walk were are as follows:

• John Domici Dadzie – First Place
• Seth Arthur – Second Place
• Julius Atsu-Fiadzomor – Third Place

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