Kennedy Agyapong Has A Personal Record That Can Aid His Campaign Even In The Absence Of NPP General Achievement Under Kufuor And Nana Addo, Bannasco Ampong-Ansah Writes

Every party comes into power to help solve the problems confronting the people and help alleviate them from their plight. The NPP undoubtedly is the best party that has helped solve major challenges in Ghana. From health care financing to educational security through to food and national security, the NPP tops all. Our two presidents contributed significantly and have left or would leave a legacy that will be attributed to them till ethanity. Kuffour health insurance and for me the free maternal healthcare and Nana Addo Free SHS are legacies, children unborn will come to talk about.

In the wake of looking for a successor to Nana Addo, there are more things being looked at on the personalities that have shown up for consideration.

I premis this on the question.

Whiles I acknowledge that all aspirants have done something to support the party and by extension the COUNTRY, I believe there is one man that his own RECORDS outweigh that of his co aspirants. The man is KENNEDY OHENE AGYAPONG.

Today I focus my writing lense on only his PERSONAL RECORDS IN HEALTH

Kennedy Ohene Agyapong is the only man in Ghana who can campaign with his personal achievement even if we take that of kuffour and nana Addo out.

1. Health – support for Free Medical Care.
I would like all readers to ask when Ken started given or paying for the medical care of people in his constituency and beyond. I can say he started Health insurance before it’s inception.
He started free maternal health care way back in 2001. (My own sister enjoyed that benevolence at St. Francis hospital in 2002 when she delivered my niece and was told a certain man has paid for the medical bills of all new born mother’s at the hospital). That my niece is today a Graduate of UPSA.

Health – hon. Ken is the only politician who has committed his personal cash of *6 million dollars* to build an 80 bed Cardio and dialysis centre at 37 military hospital. This facility at 70% completion when completed would augment the healthcare delivery system by supporting the national Cardio Centre at KBTH

2. Health- Hon Ken is the only politician who has committed cash and other resources to send medical doctors for training as Cardio specialist in India. These doctors are trainers of trainers who will in turn come and train more doctors to increase the treatment of cardio related issues

3. Health – Hon Ken is the only politician who has provided support to hospitals not within his Region let alone constituency. Ranging from hospital beds, matteresses, generator etc.

a) In 2014 during Dumso when doctors had to use phone light to treat patients at Tamale teaching hospital, he provided a 1000 KVP Generator for the hospital. Does Ken come from the North?

2. He visited Komfo Anokye teaching hospital and saw how cancer patients were lying on the bare floor because the treatment machine had broken down and the repairer was not willing to do it since the hospital owed him. AT THAT INSTANCE, WITHOUT MAKING A PLEDGE TO BE DELIVERED LATER, HE SIGNED A CHEQUE OF *145,000 DOLLARS* to be used for the repair. And immediately the repairer accepted to do it without waiting for cheque to clear because he said, KEN IS TRUTHFUL AND SINCERE SO IF ITS KEN’S CHEQUE, I DON’T NEED THE CHEQUE TO CLEAR BEFORE. It shows his natural benevolence and EMPATHETIC NATURE coupled with the TRUST PEOPLE HAVE IN HIM AS A MAN OF HIS WORDS.
Again I ask,
Is ken from Ashanti region?

c). Hon Ken has deposited money for the repair of the machine and this time rather, patients are refered from korlebu to the oncology department of KATH.

D) The supply of medical equipment and materials to big hospitals such as KBTH and KATH is a bare news at the disposal of all and sundry.

As for the support to government in terms of supply of 1 million dollars worth of PPE and others during covid 19 is only a tip on the ice.

5. Health – ken has provided much more buildings to be used as CHPS compounds/Health facilities both in his constituency and that of others than any other Aspirant seeking for Presidency ever in the history of Ghana

There are more to get talked about but for the sake of time and space we shall continue later

Education will follow soon.

Asante SAANA

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