Evg Suro Nyame reveals deep secrets & tactics GH pastors use to extort money from people

Popular street preacher Evangelist Suro Nyame has divulged some tactics Ghanaian pastors use to extort money from people to enrich themselves.

The outspoken street preacher speaking on Kessben TV with Mr Bonez narrated that many Ghanaian pastors have been using this dubious means to enrich themselves.

He expounded that many of the pastors will task some of their men to go and research more about people they intend to extort from and later surprise them with some revelations about their lives.

“There are tricks and tactics used by many Ghanaian pastors to extort money from people which is very bad. These pastors will let their boys come and do research about you and later meet you to reveal these things to you.

You will be surprised and you will take the number of this pastor for a follow-up and when you call him for help he will demand a huge sum of money from you.

The problem is that they will be using this money to enrich themselves while the very people, the church members suffer.

The Bible does not entirely speak against taking money from the people but the Bible makes it clear that if you collect it must be given back to the people” He said.

Evg Suro Nyame is the first Ghanaian street preacher to be using circular music to propagate the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He has won many souls for Christ ever since he started his not-too-common evangelism.

His dreadlock and his way of dressing in gangster style have contributed massively to him winning souls for Christ from the Ghettos across Ghana.


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