“Momoni has no nutritional value, too much intake of it will give you kidney disease – Dietician warns

Forzia Baidoo, a dietician at Meridian Medical Center, has urged Ghanaians to avoid ingesting fermented fish, commonly known as momoni in the Akan language.

Ms Baidoo noted that there is a clear correlation between salty fish dishes like momoni, kako, and koobi consumption and Kidney problems.

Ms Baidoo explained that while these fish give flavor to cuisine, they have no nutritional value.

“There are certain foods that we do eat in Ghana here like the putrified fishes, the ones we call momoni, kako, and kobi.

They are all high in salt, so when you are consuming them, try to consume them in minimal amounts. They add flavour to the food but they do not add any nutrition to the food. They are dangerous flavours and cause a lot of harm to the kidney” She said.

She advised Ghanaians to consume them in moderation because they are high in salt and can harm the kidneys.

According to the World Health Organization, approximately 4,000 people died in Ghana from renal disease in 2020.

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