I have decided to avoid women with massive curves & focus on character – Funny Face

Funny Face, a Ghanaian actor and comedian, stated that he had repented of his previous attraction to ladies with curves and good stature.

According to him, he has realized that it is not always about appearances, but rather what a person has to offer.

He went on to say that he has not given up on marriage and that he would like to married again if he met the right lady.

In an interview with media personality Berla Mundi on The Day Show, Funny Face stated that he has not given up on marriage.

He noted that he has always appreciated endowed or voluptuous women, but he has come to realize that it is not always about curves and beauty.

Funny Face is convinced that there are decent women out there who would be a perfect fit for him, which is why he has decided to give love and marriage another opportunity.

According to him despite his decision now, there are still good ladies with curves and that his remark was not intended to belittle endowed women. His sole regret is that in the past, he prioritized looks over character.

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