Ghanaian Business Man Poisoned To Death In South Africa

Newton Kwaku Boateng, 48 years old Ghanaian business man living in South Africa has been poisoned to death.
After losing their brother suddenly, the surviving family members of Newton Kwaku Boateng had a lot of questions about how he died.
Suspecting foul play Boateng’s family have expressed anger and despair at the death of their relative, saying their relative was poisoned by someone closed to him.
Mr. Godwin Attipoe who spoke on behalf of Newton’s Family in Ghana said “We are so devastated. We are so angry. We are so heartbroken, said a family member, as he choked back tears when talking on telephone.
He hinted that after the death of the beloved brother, a case of inquest was opened in Kempton Park South African Police Service in Gauteng Province, South Africa, adding that “Kempton Park is a City which is based in Gauteng Province”.
Godwin Attipoe claimed they suspect corruption and cover up of the murder of Newton Kwaku Boateng by Kempton Park police station which he claimed is working closely with the wife of the deceased Alinah Mahlangu.
An emotional Godwin had to pause speaking as he started weeping, triggering cries among his other family members who were with him.
He revealed that South African police say they are investigating and awaiting autopsy results after the body with foam in his mouth was found.
He however said “We are giving the South Africa police the authority and power of attorney to order an autopsy on Newton Kwaku Boateng who died on March 2, 2023”.
He appealed to Ghana Embassy in South Africa to assist the family to supervise the autopsy on the deceased which the South Africa police and the wife have refused, adding that the wife of the deceased has not been authorized to represent the family on the issue.
The family alleged that the wife of deceased has connived with the CID in charge of the case to destroy the dockets. Again they alleged that the wife warned the family to desist from requesting an autopsy report.
Autopsies play an extremely important role in medical malpractice lawsuits because they provide detailed information about the cause of death.
Legally, autopsies are only required under certain circumstances, including if there is suspicion of foul play or if there is a concern that the death was caused by an infectious disease, which could have an impact on public health.
An autopsy may also be ordered if someone dies, but they were not under the care of a medical professional. In this case, the deceased’s official cause of death is unknown.
However, the family commented that they still have questions that remain unanswered.

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