CEO of Ghanaian Club allegedly sells 15 of boots GFA donated to clubs, players threaten to boycott club if the boots are not shared

Richmond Osei, Chief Executive Officer of Division One League team Unity FC, is accused of selling 15 pairs of football footwear supplied by Ghana football to his club.

For the 2022/23 season, each of the 18 Premier League clubs and 48 Division One League teams will receive 30 pairs of brand-new football boots free of charge.

According to the GFA, the boots are only meant to be handed to registered club players of the various teams.

Unity FC players have reportedly threatened to boycott the remaining 2022/23 Division One League Zone 1B matches since the club’s CEO has refused to provide them with all 30 pairs of boots.

Osei Richmond, the club’s CEO, has reportedly refuted the players’ charges but has stated that he has only provided 15 pairs of the boots to the players so far.

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