Ghanaian musicians need to be global thinkers -Okra Tom Dawidi

Rapper Okra Tom Dawidi has said that Ghanaian musicians can only compete favourably on the international stage when they become global thinkers.

According to him, Nigerian musicians seem far ahead of their Ghanaian counterpart because they understand how the “system operates”.

“You see, the Nigerians understand the business side of our craft. We on the other hand, often tackle only the show leaving the business side which brings the money.

“Look at someone like Black Sherif. He has a record label promoting him outside the country. So as an artiste promoting yourself, you need a huge budget to compete with someone like Black Sherif who is not doing it all from his pocket. He has investors who are putting huge sums of money into his craft and getting him all the gigs and connections.

“So we have to be global thinkers because right now music is big. Let me use Camidoh as an example. He took advantage of a single hit song, Sugarcane, did several renditions and now he has a huge following.”

Okra Tom Dawudi also talked about what he has been up to lately, “I have been doing business lately. I deal in general merchandise. Music wise, I am currently working on an album but I don’t want to give any details so just watch out, you will hear something from me soon”, he concluded.

source: graphiconline

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