White lady travels to Ghana & marries Dagomba husband in a beautiful Islamic wedding

A beautiful foreign lady traveled all the way to Ghana to marry a Dagomba man from the Northern Region.

The video has gone viral on social media, eliciting numerous heartfelt replies from Ghanaians.

A lovely wedding took place between a handsome young Ghanaian man from Dagomba in the Northern Region and his lover, a Caucasian from another nation.

The pair clasped hands and shown their adoration for each other as they performed their marriage vows in front of all the witnesses.

Even though her family did not attend the wedding, her remark makes it clear that they were there in spirit and couldn’t wait for their daughter to return and explain everything.

“I’m so excited. It’s such a beautiful day, and a lot of new things happened. I take a lot of experience to my home, and I have to tell my parents. They are very curious. But it was very nice,” the bride said in the viral video.

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