Global Chamber of Business Leaders Congratulates Nigeria President-elect Bola Tinubu

The Global Chamber of Business Leaders (GCBL), the world’s leading coalition of governmental leaders, CEOs and executives, has congratulated veteran politician, Bola Ahmed Adekunle Tinubu, on his election as President of Nigeria. 

Mr. Tinubu, a former Lagos State Governor, won the February 25, 2023 Presidential election of Nigeria on the ticket of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC). He will take over power from incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29, 2023. 

“Allow me to congratulate you on your landslide victory in the Nigerian elections.  With you as President, Nigeria will surely turn a new leaf in its history,” GCBL  Chairman, Dejan Stancer told Mr. Tinubu in a letter dated March 3, 2023.

In the letter, Mr. Stancer says under the leadership of Mr. Tinubu, GCBL will strive for even closer cooperation with Nigeria.

GCBL Chairman assured Mr. Tinubu that the Chamber “will also strive for an even stronger national chapter in Nigeria, which is excellently led by Dr. Abubakar Muhammad, as well as for greater integration of young people into special programs that operate within the framework of the Global Chamber of Business Leaders, such as the Young Business Leaders Program, or the World Future Leaders program, with which we want to connect young people from all over the world and encourage them with the experiences of the best global business leaders.”

Find the letter in full below:

About GCBL

The Global Chamber of Business Leaders is a coalition of governmental leaders, CEOs and executives, entrepreneurs, investors and business and industry leaders who share a common vision: the sustainable well-being and growth of business in a disruptive and ever-evolving global economy.

Global Chamber of Business Leaders prioritizes activities that align with the UN-declared Decade of Action, promoting the importance of the inclusion of the Sustainable Development Goals in the business models of the future, allowing our partners, members, and participants to prepare their businesses to be vanguards of the future.

The GCBL fosters a vibrant and interconnected business community, encouraging resiliency, growth and market expansion in a progressive business environment where collaboration spurs growth; education enhances the ability and promotes opportunity; and advocacy influences authority.

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