Ghanaian youth fleeing the country over hardships- Mahama laments

Former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has revealed the youth of Ghana no more believe in the country and as a result fleeing the country in their numbers

He says the youth see no silver lining at the edge of the clouds which often appear dark and gloomy, with no ray of sunshine seeping through.

Mr. Mahama says this lack of belief in Ghana stems from the condemnation of the youth to unemployment after several years of studying.

“Who is to blame them when after years of struggling to earn an education, they are
condemned to unemployment and acute lack of opportunities,” he questioned in a speech he read at the launch of his campaign.

He, however, assured the youth of Ghana that there is hope as he will come and change their story.

“If not remedied, through my agenda to Build The Ghana We Want Together from 2025, some graduates and post-graduate degree holders may hit the pension age and never employed in their entire lives, save for national service,” the former President said.

He continued “It should worry us deeply that the average young Ghanaian would grasp any
opportunity to flee the despondent climate under which they live in favour of even
the most menial jobs in other countries.”

Adding that “We have always had our people going in search of greener pastures abroad, but the current mass exodus of active workers and professionals is profoundly worrying.
The loss of all hope that anything good can come out of this country or that any
available opportunities will be equitably shared among our people has accounted
for this”.

Source: MynewsGh

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