I dare You Stop Taking Your Salary If You Indeed Love Ghana – Lady Vera to Former President Mahama

National communication team member of governing New Patriotic Party ,Lady Vera Wiredu, has thrown a challenge to the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, to have a 30% slash off his salary, or better still stop receiving it since he claims to love Ghana.

Speaking on Movement In The Morning, on Movement TV/Wontumi radio, Lady Vera aggressively called out and dared John Dramani Mahama to cut down a number of percentage off his salary, since he claims to have the interest of the nation at heart. According to Lady Vera, the former President’s salary equates combined salary of over ten workers in Ghana.

She emphatically stated that ”NDCs are always lamenting about the hardship in Ghana, yet Former President Mahama, his wife, his late vice’s wife, his office and all workers receive full salary, so if Ghanaians will agree with me, I’ll throw a challenge to the NDCs who try to make NPP government unpopular. Former President Mahama should hold a conference and declare to stop receiving his salary, if the NDCs have love for Ghana as they claim.

As we speak, every NPP appointee’s salary has been slashed down by 30%, so you do the calculation yourself if the ministers and deputies are 86 as well as the 44 staffers and there’s been a 30% decrement, how much will it be. NDCs as at this morning, receive their salary. Ghanaians listening to me, the pay is from your taxes you pay, His excellency John Mahama is at the comfort of his home enjoying them. When he travelled to grant the interview, it was the ordinary Ghanaian’s money that catered for all the cost, and NPPs have rather reduced their salaries, use commercial transport with appointees using saloon cars while the NDCs are enjoying in V8s.”

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