3 of my type in Ghana will end robbery & many vices in this country – Evg Suro Nyame (Video)

Evangelist Suro Nyame, a popular street pastor, has stated that if Ghana had three of his type, robbery, and other vices will be eradicated.

In an interactive chat with Mr Bonez on Kessben TV’s Music Plus Show, the outspoken street pastor emphasized that his preaching approach is similar to Jesus Christ, who came to save sinners.

Many have criticized his preaching manner, but Suro Nyame is unconcerned about the remarks of some Ghanaians because he continues to win souls for Christ with his style of trumpeting the word of God.

“The youth of today is very difficult and does not want to listen to the word of God, that is why I decided to go that tangent to get them to listen.

Since I started, I have helped a lot of ghetto boys quit stealing, robbery, and other social vices. If there are 3 or 4 of my type in Ghana in 2 years’ time, robbery will be over in Ghana” He said.

According to Suro Nyame, street boys who engage iN robbery and other bad acts are a result of unemployment, which needs to be addressed.

He disclosed that many street boys have now converted through his ministry and urged many the general public to support these boys with opportunities of employment as he alone cannot do it all.


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