War will only end when Putin is clear he can’t succeed – Tony Blair

Former UK Prime Minister Sir Tony Blair says the war in Ukraine will only end when “it’s absolutely clear to Putin that his war ambitions can’t succeed”.

Blair tells BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “His original war ambitions have disintegrated, Ukrainians have shown extraordinary stoicism and bravery, the West and Nato has been united.

“And Putin’s last hope is that the resolve of the West disintegrates in some way and dissipates.”

Lord Hague, the UK’s former foreign secretary, says he believes “we are a long way” from Russia’s war in Ukraine ending.

“The awful truth is that history is littered with wars that lasted many years longer than anybody expected, they become a test of endurance, resilience, of economies, as much as military manoeuvre, and that is what we are now engaged in in Ukraine.”

He says that Putin talking about testing nuclear weapons, as he did yesterday, “takes us in the wrong direction”, while Blair adds that Putin cannot use a nuclear threat “to stop us from defending Ukraine from aggression”.

Source: BBC

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