90% of Ghanaian club chairmen make selections for coaches in Ghana league – Experienced Kofi Owusu

Kofi Owusu, a former Berekum Chelsea player, claims that 90% of Ghanaian football club chairmen influence the coaches’ selection at the various Ghana leagues.

According to the former Ghana Premier Goalking, this blight is a big impediment to the game’s development.

Speaking of Kessben TV’s Extra Time Sports show Kofi still could not phantom why these same club chairmen turn to blame the coaches when they don’t get the desired results.

“See 90% of the club chairmen in Ghana make selections for the coaches. People can’t speak out on this but that’s the truth.

During matchdays, these club chairmen won’t allow the coaches to work. I will plead for them to allow the coaches to have a free hand to operate.

It’s very unfortunate, these coaches will come and meet players which were recruited by these club chairmen and also make selections for them yet if the team loses they turn to blame the coaches” He said.


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