Some Daddy Lumba fans have been execrating me after my solidarity song for Great Ampong – Joe Kuntani (Video)

Ghanaian comedian Joe Kuntani has revealed that since he released his solidarity for Gospel musician, Great Ampong, he has been receiving loads of vilification and curses from some Daddy Lumba diehard fans.

Following the seeming recent brawl between the Legendary Ghanaian musician, Daddy Lumba, and the Gospel musician, Kuntani went to the studious to record a song in solidarity with Great Ampong.

The Gospel musician claims Daddy Lumba cheated him on their collaborative album both featured on.

According to Ampong, he did not get any penny from the sales of the album which he wrote and performed most of the songs.

Daddy Lumba is yet to react to the claims by the Great Ampong but with his latest song “Ofon Na Edi Nsem Foo” many reckon that it is a response to the claims by the Gospel musician.

Joe Kuntani speaking in an interview with Quo Fante on Kessben TV’s Around Town Show disclosed that after releasing his controversial song, some Daddy Lumba fans have been threatening him.


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