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Woman Who Impregnated Herself With Sperm From Billionaire’s Used Condom Wins $2million Child Support Battle

Jane, a Las-Vegas hotel maid, has won a two-million-dollar child support battle against a young millionaire with whom she never slept but had a child.

A 40-year-old Las Vegas hotel cleaner obtained child support from a 28-year-old millionaire with whom she never slept.

Jane was 36 years old when she snatched a used condom from the hotel garbage can of a 24-year-old IT millionaire.

She implanted the sperm into her vagina and became pregnant with a 4-year-old boy.

Jane admitted during the child support court that she never slept with the young millionaire and that she impregnated herself with his sperm while cleaning his room.

“He left his bank statement on the nightstand in his hotel room and I saw it when I was cleaning, at the time I wanted a baby so bad and I thought it would be better if I had a baby with a rich man”

The paternity test was performed, and the young millionaire was found to be the father. The court ordered him to pay the child’s mother $2 million for the three years he was absent from his son’s life.

His lawyers stated that their client intends to file more legal actions against the mother for obtaining his bodily fluids and invading his privacy.

Meanwhile, Jane had resigned her hotel cleaning job and used her unexpected riches to launch a few enterprises; she still had full custody of her child, whom she named after his father.

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