Meet the first deaf man to be enrolled at the Ghana School of Law, aspires to be a supreme court judge (Video)

The story of a deaf young man believed to be in his fifties has touched and inspired more after gaining admission to the Ghana school of law.

The man who is commonly referred to as Juventus in an exclusive interview with Kwame Appiah Kubi on Kessben FM’s Maakye revealed that his biggest ambition is to become a supreme court judge.

He is the first deaf person in Ghanaian history to enroll at the Ghana Law School.

The Ghana school of law since his admission has employed two interpreters who are scheduled during lectures.

After graduating from the Ghana School of Law, Juventus looks forward to practicing law and moving on with his biggest ambition of becoming a judge.

He underscored that there have always been challenges along the line in getting to where he is today but with his determined mindset, he does not allow the challenges to drag him back.


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