Haruna Mohammed, Deputy General Secretary of NPP Writes : “You Want To Kill to Win Power in 2024?

Aftermath of the pronouncements made by the Suame NDC Youth organizer about we will kill to win t 2024 and subsequent issuance of a release from the Ghana police service condemning such pronouncements and unguarded words from the youth leader, the governing New Patriotic Party’s Deputy General secretary has also condemned the views expressed by the NDC Youth leader.

Below is the full write up by the Deputy General Secretary.

I hear one NDC Youth organizer said they will “Kill to win Power in 2024”. Well, we are not interested in such desperation and empty threats but to tell the NDC that Ghana’s democracy prescribes the rule of the thumb in winning political power and we in the NPP aren’t interested in people dying before we win political power.

The soft nature of the NPP in the past has emboldened some of these Riff-raffs in the NDC to believe that they can misbehave and go away as usual. This current leadership is much ready for you guys. If their youth wants to die for power they are free to die whiles we defend the sanctity of our democracy and the people of Ghana and the NPP Membership

The NDC can continue to blow hot air but action they say speaks louder than words. We are ready they should bring it on


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