The research conducted to ban 19 secondhand items to Ghana is a 2003 research – Secondhand items importers

According to the secondhand items importers the research which was conducted to ban the 19 electrically used items from being imported to Ghana was done in 2003.

The Energy Commission apparently placed a ban on 19 electrically used homes appliances and renewable energy products into the country, creating unrest among importers of the affected items.

 The energy commission claims the ban is aimed at preventing a situation where Ghana becomes a desirable destination for substandard and used appliances.

The importers have however argued the research which was conducted in 2003 does not have a solid basis to conclude o such a decision due to the fact that there have been many changes in the types of home appliances which were imported years ago.

Speaking on Kessben FM’s Maakye with Kwame Appiah Kubi, the chairman of the secondhand electric home appliances association described the recent ban as the most unfair decision that is going make approximately 200,000 people lose their jobs.

He noted that most of the items which are imported by them are not substandard as claimed to be but rather slightly used items that have proper regulatory systems.

He expounded that secondhand items which are claimed to be substandard are better off than some of the last-grade store electric items that even consume much energy.


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