Kasoa: Husband and wife nearly killed after stealing from a store

At Kasoa CP, a suburb of the Awutu Senya East Municipality, a husband and wife in their 50s came dangerously close to being lynched this morning.

Sources claim that after entering a store, one of the two suspects will deliberately start a discussion with you while the other will take your phone and money and give it to an Okada rider they know before fleeing with it which has been their plan of stealing from shop owners.

According to the residents, this has continued until today, when the same couples were caught using the same approach in an attempt to steal someone’s mobile phone and money and were arrested; the suspects confessed to their involvement in such an incident.

Following the arrest of the first two suspects, the third suspect, took to the road. Kasoa Divisional Police patrol unit arrested the two and transported them to Kasoa Divisional Police Command.


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