Kenya opposition leader faces lawsuit over secret video claim

Kenya’s former electoral commission boss has threatened to take legal action against the opposition leader after the politician alleged that the poll team, including the chairman, visited his home during last year’s closely fought election, local media report.

Raila Odinga has been holding a series of rallies claiming Wafula Chebukati engineered a fraud that led to him losing his fifth bid for the presidency.

Despite the Supreme Court dismissing his election rigging claims, Mr Odinga recently said he does not recognise President William Ruto as a legitimate leader and called on him to resign.

On Sunday, he threatened to release a video showing Mr Chebukati and his top team visited his home.

But Mr Chebukati has denied that the visit took place saying the claim was false and that it “lowered his dignity and injured his reputation.”

“Our client is aggrieved that you took no caution or responsibility while making the adverse remarks with the consequence that our client has suffered and continues to suffer serious reputational injury, taking into account his status and position as former chairman of IEBC,” lawyer Steve Ogolla said in the demand letter.

Mr Chebukati’s lawyers have also given Mr Odinga seven days to prove his claim or they will take legal action.

On Monday, President William Ruto wondered why Mr Odinga would have the electoral team visit his house.

“It then begs the question … if it’s true, what were these officials doing in your house at your invitation? Being a candidate, how did you end up inviting officials of an independent body?” Mr Ruto said.

source: bbc

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