I will ban condoms if I become president of Ghana – Osofo Kyiri Abosom

Reverend Christian Kwabena Andrew, the founder of Life Assembly Worship Centre popularly known as Osofo Kyire Abosom has said he will ban the importation of condoms into the country completely if he becomes President of Ghana.

According to him, the use of condoms is not necessary because in his view, when people contract infections as a result of unprotected sexual intercourse and go to the hospital they will be treated.

The popular man of God who is seeking to become President of Ghana on the ticket of his Ghana Union Movement party said this on Dadwene TV, a video of which is currently in circulation online.

In the video, he started by saying he doesn’t see why he should wear condoms because it defeats the entire purpose of sexual intercourse for him.

The host of the TV show who could not help but burst into laughter asked Kyiri Abosom if he would allow the importation of condoms into Ghana if he becomes president since he doesn’t subscribe to its use.

“It is not necessary,” he opined. “When people get infected with any disease, they will go to the hospital for treatment.”

The host then asked him if he knew that currently no cure has been found for HIV yet.

Kyiri Abosom has been trending in the media space for the past few days following the public admission while preaching to his church members that he fathers a child outside his marriage, a situation he said pushed his wife to separate from him.

His wife has also come out to share her side of the story, alleging that the man of God is a chronic cheat who sleeps with every woman who crosses his path, including church members.

She further alleged that he impregnated two of their maids and married both of them secretly on the same day.

Source: PulseGhana

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