NPP Canada Calls for Early Congress electing Presidential and Parliamentary Candidates for 2024 Elections

The Canada Branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP Canada) is backing the calls for the New Patriotic Party to
organize an early congress to elect both Presidential and Parliamentary candidates for the 2024 general elections.

In a recent poll conducted by the Research and Elections Directorate of the NPP Canada Branch, hundred percent (100%) of respondents across all the Eight (8) Chapters responded in favour of the call for an early congress. However,  ninety-one  percent  (91%)  of  the  respondents   further  proposed  that  both  the  Presidential  and Parliamentary elections be conducted simultaneously. At a Branch Executives meeting held on Sunday January 22, 2023, the Executive Committee of the NPP Canada Branch unanimously settled on the decision to support the calls for an early congress in August 2023. It is our considered opinion that the New Patriotic Party holds the Presidential
and Parliamentary primaries concurrently, based on the following reasons;
1.   Using the 2008 general election as a precedent, we believe an early congress held in August 2023 shall give enough time for the next Presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party to select his running mate, set up his campaign team, reenergize the base of the Party and mobilize resources for the 2024 election campaign.
2.   Again, because the next Presidential candidate of the NPP is going to be an entirely new candidate, the  Party  requires  enough  time  to  sell  his  vision  to  the  Ghanaian  voting  population  and  all stakeholders in the political ecosystem. Therefore, an early congress will give the Party enough timeframe  to project  and  market  the  next  Presidential  candidate,  as  well  as  the  Parliamentary candidates contesting on the ticket of the Party in the various constituencies.
3.  NPP must remain united to be able to break the eight (8). However, there is rift and rancor among the  rank  and  file  of the  Party,  especially  among  supporters  of opposing  candidates  for  both Presidential and Parliamentary. We believe that an early congress shall give the New Patriotic Party enough time and opportunity to set up reconciliatory committees at the national and constituency levels to address the internal conflicts and build bridges between losing and winning candidates in the Presidential and Parliamentary primaries respectively.
4.   Further,  we  strongly  believe  that  having  both  the  Presidential  and  Parliamentary  primaries concurrently will reduce animosities and prevent any form of victimization from the camp of the

next Presidential candidate to any of the Parliamentary aspirants that may be perceived to have not
supported their bids to lead the national party for the 2024 elections.
5.   Considering the fact that the NDC is scheduled to elect their Presidential candidate in May, 2023, we strongly believe that electing our Presidential candidate in August will present a level field for our candidate to build the momentum and engage the next opposition leader in matters of national interest.
6.   Finally, the NPP shall go into the 2024 elections trumpeting the achievements of the current NPP government under the leadership of President Akufo-Addo. We therefore anticipate that an early congress will be beneficial to the current government in the implementation of its policies and programs without distraction stemming from internal contest.

Based on the valid and genuine reasons enumerated above, we wish that the General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party, Lawyer Justin Frimpong Koduah aka JFK who has been petitioned earlier by the Branch on this matter, could consider  our position  and  make  a  strong  case  on  our behalf at  the  upcoming  Steering  Committee,  National
Executive Committee (NEC) and National Council meetings of the Party scheduled for Thursday, February 2, 2023.

Thank you.


Samuel Yaw Asirifi
NPP Canada Branch Secretary.

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