GTS, MASLOC Regional Manager Abdul Aziz To Spearhead Economic Projects In Upper West Region

One of the topmost Israeli-owned technology firms in the world, Gulf Technology Systems (GTS), and the Upper West Regional Manager for Microfinance and Small Loans Centre (MASLOC), Hon. Abdul Aziz Moniesson Suleman, are set to spearhead a number of Economic Growth projects in the Upper West Region.

The collaboration between GTS and businessman Hon. Abdul Aziz Moniesson which is to be carried out in partnership with the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council shall focus on various projects in sectors such as energy, agriculture education, energy and industrialization.

The economic growth projects are to be undertaken within a number of communities in the region which is one of the breadbaskets of Ghana.

Hon. Abdul Aziz Moniesson Suleman agreed to collaborate with Gulf Technology Systems on agricultural and industrial projects in the upper West Region of Ghana.

A full economic growth program was signed by Hon. Abdul Aziz Moniesson Suleman and Gulf Technology Systems and renowned Israeli businessman, Samuel Shay.

Among other things, which is set begin in due course, seeks to take agricultural production in the Upper West Region into a new phase, maximize the yield and the use of existing crops and industrialize the agricultural sector to process the crops for added value with full renewable energy program and education and training plan.

The partnership is to begin with initial two projects which shall focus on Moringa , Casava, Ginger, and other existing crops in the region follow with full educational and training program.

Each project under the partnership will work to increase the yield, mechanize the farm work and expand growing area.

Under the partnership, factories and processing plants are to be built for manufacturing the raw crops into products.

The aim of the collaboration is not only to improve agricultural production in the Upper West Region, but also to keep as much of the processing stages locally, thus keeping most of the value and work opportunities in the region.

As part of its mandate under the partnership, the region will be responsible to facilitate the allocation of the land needed for factories, field plantations, transportation and handling as needed.

The Upper West Region of Ghana is well-known for its local resources and ability to support major economic growth.

About Gulf Technology Systems

About Gulf Technology Systems

GTS (Global Technology System) is an Israeli company that specializes in integrating Israeli high-tech technologies, countries and government bodies in the GCC’s, in light of the new peace agreement and the normalization of relations between the countries.

The founder of GTS, Samuel Shay, also heads the Israel-United Arab Emirates Business Forum, whose main goal is to turn the warm political relations between the countries into business ties between GCC’s and Israelis.

GTS provides the creative ideas, the most advanced technologies in the world, and the best minds that have conceived them.

The leading technology company also provides training to locals who can operate the projects, while reducing dependence on foreign workers

GTS, currently operate on full scale cooperation between Israel, GCC’s and African countries for full tripartite activity between the countries.

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