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Africa Education Watch (Eduwatch) has said on the occasion of the International Day of Education that although Ghana has made efforts to improve on child education, there is still more room for improvement.

Eduwatch noted that five (5) years ago, the United Nations proclaimed 24th January as
International Day of Education, to acknowledge and celebrate the role of education as a tool for peace and development.

This year’s celebration marks the mid-point of the journey to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Ghana, like many countries, has committed to ensuring all children of basic school-going age, enroll and complete the full course of basic education with relevant learning outcomes by 2030.

“While Ghana has since made significant strides over the years to promote access to education for many children, there still remain 1 million children out of school – approximately 9% of children aged 4 -16. Quality in the delivery of education remains a challenge, as about 87% of children aged 10 could not read and understand age-appropriate sentences by 2018,” a statement issued by Eduwatch said.

It added that Ghana’s government has expressed its commitment to transforming education, and this requires adequate and equitable financing. However, the recent 40% budgetary cut to basic education (Goods and Services) does not support the transformation agenda of the government.

To transform education, the government must increase the current 12% allocation of the national education budget to 23%, in line with the President’s commitment at the 2022 United Nations Transforming Education Summit.

At least 10% of the Goods and Services budget and 33% of the infrastructure budget of the education sector must be committed to basic education, if we are to invest adequately to build new schools to replace the over 5,000 schools currently under trees and sheds, and provide education for the 1 million out of school children.

There is no better day to recommit to adequate and equitable financing of education than the International Day of Education 2023.

source: 3news

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