Students of Asante Krobea Technical & Vocational Sch destroy 6 cars, farm & other properties over bad food

According to a report filed by Kessben FM’s Mallam Yayan properties, the irate students took the laws into their hands after they allegedly complained about the bad taste of the food which was served to them.

The students damaged any car they found on sight on their school campus in the moment of their anger.

They extended the destruction to a plantation farm of one of their teachers whose farm is not far from the campus.

Mallam Yaya reporting on Kessben FM’s Maaky with Kwame Appiah Kubi confirmed that so far 6 students among the students who were involved in the demonstration have been arrested by the police.

The school has since been closed down following the destruction by the students. The Ashanti regional Ghana educational directorate in collaboration with Ghana police have launched serious investigations into the incident.

It is reported that the six students who have been picked up by the police are members of the gang groups in Effiduasse and its environs.


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