NPP Deputy Director Of IT Sets The Records Straight On Allegations Made By NDC’s Yayra Koku

The governing New Patriotic Party’s Deputy director of Information Technology (IT) Mr Stephen Ato Forson have rubbished allegations made by the National Democratic Congress Yayra Koku on social media seeking to discredit his expertise and malign his enviable reputation in the Information, Technology and software development industry.

Below is the full response from the NPP Deputy Director of IT :

I have sighted with disdain, allegations and fabrications on social media from one Yayra Koku on social media about me seeking to discredit my expertise and malign my enviable reputation in the Information, Technology and software development industry. Yayra, who was sacked from the NIA for his incompetence and shallow knowledge in the IT field makes an effort to distort facts, refers to a political witch-hunt of me by the NDC after their sponsored candidate failed to win the said SRC elections in the University of Ghana that year 2015. Obviously Yayra is pursuing this agenda to resuscitate his relevance as an IT person within his own party. Comments from his own party members under his post confirms this.

I am not oblivious of the fact that my appointment sends chilling shivers down his spine and that of his cohorts in the NDC especially as they realise that my appointment further solidifies the already sophisticated pool of IT brains we have in the New Patriotic Party.

I ordinarily wouldn’t have given my friend Yayra a reply, but I have to set the records straight considering that it bothers on my expertise, integrity and reputation.

Here are the facts:

  1. NDC in power then had tried to coerce me to manipulate a software I developed in favour of their sponsored candidate to win the SRC elections. For the purposes of Accountability and Transparency, I refused the offer and submitted to the school a software that ensured a free and fair elections, despite the threat on my life and that of my family.
  2. The NDC became apprehensive after failing to win that election for their sponsored candidate and immediately begun a political witch-hunt against myself, my crew and my family. They caused the BNI to pick me up from my house for having developed a software that didn’t favour a government in power.
  3. The BNI after series of interrogations and investigations could not charge me for any wrongdoing but rather some unscrupulous people sought to write lies to many media houses with the aim of maligning my hard earned reputation as a systems developer.
  4. The University of Ghana based on the unbridled allegations of the NDC apparatchiks conducted its own full-fledged IT investigations into the matter and still found no wrongdoing on my part. In fact, the University ascertaining the credibility of my system allowed me to work with the Students Union for several years. I have since worked with almost all tertiary institutions accross the country. I have built extremely complex systems for corporate institutions both in the private and public sectors.
  5. Mention can be made of prominent NDC members who won elections as student leaders with this same software they sought to discredit. They in all of these times praised my software as the most transparent system that is ensuring development.
  6. In spite of the above, the NDC has been consciously fabricating lies to discredit me and my system to prevent all the tertiary institutions from working with me.

● I have continued working with all these institutions.
● This system has been used for about 12 years now with results never quashed but as expected, losing factions in elections will always find reasons to point accusing fingers instead of working on the reasons for their failure. This is the lot of the NDC.
●I have NEVER been charged for any crime, manipulation or wrongdoings.

Koku and his NDC are just scared of the expertise I bring onboard to in our righteous bid to break the 8.
The NDC’s attempt to malign my professional expertise won’t wash because the track record I have built for myself over the years far supersedes their incompetence.

We shall break the 8

Stephen Ato Forson
Dep. Dir., IT, NPP

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