Musah Superior writes: Stop the ethnocentric bunk. It is dangerous

When l contested for the position of GS in the recent NPP National elections, the “Dombos” from the Greater Northern Region (N/R, UWR, N/E, UER, S/R) voted against me. They “Dombos” voted for our current GS (JFK). They gave him their mandate because they believed he could do the job better than me and the rest of the GS aspirants. They accepted his vision, believed in his competence and voted for him hugely.

In the Northern Region specifically, where l come from, the combined votes of JFK and JB stood at 274. I got 35 votes. I accepted the decision of my “brothers and sisters” in good faith. They exercised their right to choose without any ethnic consideration or bias. It was proper and right. This is how democracy works. Electors in any contest should choose people base on their competencies and not where they come from or who they are associated with.

That should be the case in the debate leading to the election of our Party’s 2024 flagbearer. The conversation should be about who can unite our Party, be truthful to us, energize the base and motivate the grassroots to rekindle our spirit for the 2024 electioneering campaign. Most importantly, the person must have CAPACITY to be President.

Stop the ethnocentric bunk. It is dangerous!

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