Churches should start record labels to push gospel talents – Kwesi Ernest

Kwesi Ernest, CEO of Media Excel, has charged the Ghanaian church community, especially the Church of Pentecost, to set up record labels to push talents in their congregations.

“Churches need to own their record label to push the artists in their respective congregations. It is long overdue, especially the Church of Pentecost.”

He told Larry ‘Da Oldman’ on Onua FM’s Anigye mmere show.

Clarifying his statement, Dr Kwesi Ernest indicated, “For the church to have control over the artiste and instil discipline, moral upbringing, fear of God, and train them, they must start investing in them. So that they can tell them to produce spirit-filled songs that draw people closer to heaven.”

“It is the church that produces musicians. A large number of the musicians are from the church. Any musician will confess that they are from either Pentecost, Presby, or the Methodist Church. However, they are left to fend for themselves. After making it on their own, they do whatever they want.”

Kwesi Ernest cited examples for his argument that Christ Embassy has produced top African gospel music via their in-house record label.

“Pastor Chris’s Christ Embassy is one of the successful churches with a record label, and it’s doing well globally. As I’m talking to you now, Christ Embassy can boast of the top ten Nigerian gospel giants doing well on the African continent. The label has yielded results because the likes of Sinach, Eben, and Preye Odede all got solid support from there.”

“And they have their own awards scheme in the church that rewards hardworking acts in the congregation. They crown their new artists and the artists of the year with handsome rewards. Sinach cannot demand money from her church for performances because the kind of wealth she gets from the church is enormous,” Kwesi Ernest concluded.


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