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Let’s Unite As One People During And After The Celebration Of Homowo – Amasaman MP

Homowo is greatly celebrated in all the towns in the Ga state with celebrations climaxing in Gamashie.

The celebration begins with the planting of maize, which will be used in preparing the food for the festival named Kpokpoi or Kpekple.

During this period, noise making is prohibited or banned since it is believed that it disturbs the gods. The meal is eaten with Palm Nut Soup and it is also sprinkled within the town. This is normally done by traditional leaders and family heads. Celebration includes marching down roads and streets beating drums, chanting, face painting, singing and traditional dances.

Even though the celebration of Homowo is a Ga tradition, many other ethnic groups are welcomed to also join in the celebration. The homowo festival of the Ga tribe is believed to have a lineage from the Jewish tribe and its ancestral tradition of the Jewish Passover feast.

By so doing, the member of parliament for Amasaman constituency hon Akwasi Afrifa mensah together with his members distributed bags of maizes and gallons of palm oil to the ga traditional leaders in his constituency.

He pleaded with them to remain calm and practice peace during and after the celebration because sometimes they are disputes between chiefs and elders during the homowo festival.

Meanwhile, the vice president of Ga west queen mother’s and chiefs association Nii kouley septor who received the items acknowledged the MP for having them in and urged him a peaceful celebrations.

MR John osai obodia the chairman of council of elders in the ga west municipal also lauded the mp for his good works and promise him a win by his people’s in 2024.

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