Numbers debunk Kenya voter inflation theory

With Kenyans awaiting results for Tuesday’s presidential elections, some online users have been sharing misleading claims about the results and the voting process.

A blogger supporting Deputy President William Ruto shared a results form on Twitter indicating that voter turnout at a polling station in his main opponent, Raila Odinga’s, stronghold of Kisumu in western Kenya was 107.7%.

“Kondele Market 1 registered voters is indicated as 362 and those who cast the votes are 390,” he tweeted.

Reading the data on the form gives an impression that more people than were registered to vote cast their ballots.

However, looking at the official data of the registered voters on the electoral commission’s website shows the actual number of voters at the station is 632.

A clerical error – switching six and three – made it appear as if the votes were inflated.

Separately, a spokesperson for former Prime Minister Raila Odinga claimed Mr Ruto’s running mate had only voted after his name was checked on the printed register.

Makau Mutua claimed the electronic kits used to identify voters at the polling station had failed to identify Rigathi Gachagua, whose coalition has been campaigning against the use of a manual register.

While the electronic kit initially had challenges identifying Mr Gachagua, it eventually worked after he rubbed his finger on his hair allowing him to vote.

source: bbc

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