NPP shall maintain Power in 2024, because the NDC is not a policy driven party – Afenyo Markin

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Effutu, Alexander Afenyo Markin has said that the ruling party will win the 2024 elections. Afenyo Markin, who is also the Deputy Majority Leader in Parliament said the NPP will sure make history by winning three consecutive terms because the opposition party is hollow.
According to him, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) hasn’t shown any promise or hatched a common Policy while in opposition therefore Ghanaians will reject them.

In an August 2nd, 2022 interview with Accra-based Joy News, the deputy Majority Leader indicated that the NDC has rather resorted to launching scathing attacks on the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) and seeking to capitalize on the economic crunch the country finds itself.

“I have been asking…the NDC in the last 8 years when they were in office, came into opposition…has anything changed? The same old appointees with their appointor who they want to bring back as their flagbearer. What has changed? Even in 2020 campaign, did they demonstrate that having been in opposition, they are coming with something new? What were some of the policies that even in opposition now, have they come out with that will resonate? It’s all about lets attack, attack, and attack,” Afenyo-Markin remarked.

The legislator added that a government official may be voted against in the upcoming elections not “because NDC is better but because they [Ghanaians] feel frustrated” amid the prevailing economic circumstances.

Afenyo-Markin believes NPP will have no cause to worry in the 2024 general elections if this strategy is employed.

“I would want to call on all NPP activists, all NPP appointees that the way to survive and to say that we are breaking the 8 is to communicate. If we let Ghanaians know that these are the interventions, these are the difficulties, they will empathize and we also relate with them, there will be nothing to worry about because the rival, the opponent has nothing superior to offer,” he stated.

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