Call the youth to order – PUWU to Kroboland stakeholders

The Public Utility Workers Union (PUWU) has directed its members with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) in the Krobo District not to go out into the troubled areas due to threats and attacks from the youth.

They are to remain in the District Office until further notice, the Union directed in a statement.

The Union remains resolute until a conducive working environment is guaranteed, where ECG staff can freely go about their duties to enhance the business of the company without the support of the security agencies in the municipalities, members will not risk their lives any further.

“The network of ECG belongs to ECG and ECG needs to have control over its network. With the current developments, it is clear that the ECG in the Krobo District has lost control over its network, posing serious safety risks to the lives of the staff and public property.”

PUWU of TUC-Ghana, therefore, called on all stakeholders to engage the youth of the area and bring them to order so that the staff of ECG can go about their duties and serve the good people of the Krobo District in a safe and peaceful environment devoid of threats and physical attacks.

The recent development by some youth of Kporwunor, Maadam, Nuasu Old town and Agbom communities in the Krobo District is said to be against the safety and lives of staff of ECG.

“It would be recalled that the youth of these communities have been threatening the staff of ECG since 2019. For instance, the youth threatened that they would cut off the heads of ECG staff if the latter go to these areas for revenue mobilisation and/or metre reading exercises. There are instances where some staff, on their normal work schedules, have been attacked by some youth of the area.”

The Union recalled how some youth of Krobo district took the law into their hands last month by tampering with ECG’s network, connecting power illegally, and deliberately cutting the fibre-optic connection.

They alleged they further attempted to lynch two technicians of Vobiss Solutions Ltd. who had gone there to mend the cut in the fibre network in Kporwunor.

“There are instances where they threatened ECG teams, burnt tyres, disconnected and removed installed prepaid meters.”

The Utility Union pointed out again that on Wednesday, July 27, the youth massed up at Kporwonor junction and pelted the Military and the ECG team with stones and went ahead to fire two (2) gunshots at the team.

“The Military decided to restrain themselves to avoid any blood bath.”

On the installation exercise, the Utility Union said following the series of engagements between ECG, political authorities, religious leaders, the opinion leaders and the traditional authorities of the Yilo and the Lower Manya Municipalities, the Company commenced the installation of prepaid metres in the two municipalities on Wednesday, May 18.

The installation was carried out by officials of ECG, with the assistance of engineers from the 48 and 49 Engineer’s Regiments of the Ghana Armed Forces.

The exercise started smoothly from Kpong, but when the prepaid installation team got to Nuasu on Monday, June 27, some residents protested that they do not want the prepaid metres in the area.

The team, as a result, halted the installation exercise to avoid any confrontation and proceeded to the Yilo Krobo Municipality where the installation exercise has been ongoing without interruption.

“We would like to equally apologize to the cherished customers of ECG in the affected areas, who due to this unfortunate development have been in darkness.”


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