LPG e-tracking system has come to stay – Energy Ministry

The Energy Ministry has explained that the e-tracking system on Lignified Petroleum Gas (LPG) has come to stay since it has curbed the illegalities and diversions in the system.

In line with this, the Ministry says, it will be good to resolve any challenges surrounding the system and its operations since it has helped in the areas of safety and development.

The response came as a result of the Ghana National Tanker Drivers Association’s ongoing strike which began on Monday, August 1, 2022.

The LPG Marketers Association also has joined the strike over what they termed as an unfair treatment by the National Petroleum Authority (NPA).

According to them, the e-tracking system sometimes indicates the drivers are diverting the product which is not necessarily the case, but this attracts sanctions from the NPA.

Reacting to the grievances of the LPG Marketers Association and Tanker Drivers on 3FM’s Sunrise hosted by Alfred Ocansey on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, the Head of Public Affairs at the Energy Ministry, Kwasi Obeng-Fosu, explained that the LPG Marketers and the Drivers have refused to attend meetings with the Energy Minister to address the issue.

“We were expecting them at the Ministry yesterday for a meeting with the Minister but they never turned up but whenever they want to come, we are ready. This is the third time they have refused to come and meet the Minister”.

He explained that “it was difficult to do checks and balances in the system but the e-tracking has helped”.

“I agree there are few instances that the alarm has caused challenges but the NPA is fixing the challenges. It is only by introduction of the e-system that we are able to check the diversions”.

He said Obeng-Fosu said “the e-tracking system has come to stay so if there are challenges, let us sit and address them”.

“The e-tracking is doing something good so if there are issues, the authorities can come in and address it. The tracking system is good for all…for our safety and for the nation”.

Way forward

Mr. Obeng-Fosu said the Minister will find means of meeting the striking tanker drivers and LPG Markers and quickly resolve the issue.

“The Minister is an action man and he will not allow Ghanaians to go through this. We will find ways to engage them because we need them and they need us”.


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