Put together the best players from Kotoko & Hearts & add Juju we still can’t win the Champions League – Andy Kerm

Ghanaian sports pundit, Andy Kerm has emphatically stated that Juju (Black Majic) does not have any impact on Association football.

Andy Kerm strongly avers that despite the belief by most football administrators, footballers and some fans that superstition has a role in the game, for him it is a waste to the game.

The outspoken sports analyst reacting to a viral video where players from a European Football Club were being fortified spiritually at their training grounds noted that spiritism does not play football but proper preparation and training do.

He stressed that even if the best players from the Ghana Premier league are put together to represent Ghana in the CAF champions league with the aid of Juju, the team cannot win the CAF champions league because winning the champions league requires a lot of hard work, proper investment, good training, better planning, etc.


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