Lydia Forson says Black Sherif knows his worth; Pay him or move to the next!

This time the brouhaha involved a supposed incident where Blacko’s team demanded higher pay for a concert appearance. Lydia Forson supports this move and says pay up or move on – periodt!

Black Sherif was a no-show at this year’s Ghana Party in the Park. According to an insider, Ghana’s trap lord could not feature because the organizers of the London show could not meet his demands. They claimed that Blacko’s team demanded £50,000 (GHS 489,387), which is almost half a million cedis, as opposed to the proposed £10,000 (GHS 97,786) offer.

The Ghanaian actress has thrown her support behind Black Sherif’s team. She applauded them for standing on their grounds and believing in their talent.

“If he believes that’s his worth, either pay up or move to the next person, it’s that simple. You are the same people that will clown him if he’s in a trotro. At least when he shows his mansion someday, you won’t come and ask where he got his money,” she tweeted.

As of this moment, Black Sherif and his team are yet to respond to the allegation.

source: 3news

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