Christian Lady In Dilemma As She Falls In Love With A Fetish Priest

A young Christian lady has shared her dilemma and it has to be with the man she is in love with.

As a Christian, she was required to fall in love with her fellow Christian guy, however, this lady has indicated that the man she loves is a fetish priest.

According to her, all that she wants in a man can be found in the fetish priest adding that she does not want to lose this man.

Her story was shared by Starr FM on their #StarrForum and it reads;

This has garnered some reactions from social media users and below are some of these reactions;

Tî Ñâ – Why don’t you also stop being a Christian just to have him?
Don’t be hypocrite
Don’t change someone for your own happiness please
Let him go if you can’t stand his religion

Simon Antwi – Since you are a true christian you can change him with prayers and love. Some of you are just church goers and not christians. Simple

Yrn Slim – You wish he stops being a fetish priest but you don’t wish to stop being a Christian?? Why always men??? Hm

Albert Lomoko – You don’t need advice you have made up ur mind.. nothing stoping you so why are you here.. madam go ooh the juju is working on you

Yesuba Okyere Krampah – You have made it clear here u “can’t lose him never”… My sister have u seek the face of God? as u claim u r a Christian, do God approve of it? See some of these things are just distracting u just to miss ur mark in life .Never think u r marry him to change him.


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