Resign If You Can’t Perform As A Leader, Igbo King Charge African Leaders

The king of Igbo community in Ghana His Royal majesty Eze Dr AMB CHUKWUDI IHENETU has urged African leaders who can’t perform when given the mandate as leaders to resign and pave way for resourceful and well equipped persons to lead.

According to him,most of the leaders in Africa don’t want to leave power, most of them want to hang onto power till they die even if they’re not healthy or are too old age.

He said presidents of Cameroon, Gabon and Nigeria are not feeling well and old enough to step down as presidents but still in power due to their selfish interest.

He stated that before every president is elected of a nation, his priority is to think about the betterment of the people and future and generations to come but looks like African leaders always think of themselves and leave the ordinary people.

He said they always repeat the mistakes their predecessors did which doesn’t bring development and improvement or any good change to the country.

By now African countries should be better than European countries because we’re blessed with minerals ,oil and other natural resources.Technology started from an African country which is Egypt so why are we still depending on Europeans for our needs all the time.

He therefore, lambasted and urged all leaders who are not performing to resign like Boris Johnson did to allow others who have the ideas and willing to take charge and rearrange the system and make sure the masses gain from what belongs to us but not for only one person.

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