It’s worrying that judges are put in political jackets – Fmr GBA President

The Ghana Bar Association (GBA) finds it worrying that people describe judges especially the Supreme Court justices as political, a former President of the GBA, Mr Anthony Forson, has said.

Asked whether the GBA gets worried over the characterization of the justices of the apex court as political especially when almost all the applications filed by former President John Dramani during the 2020 election petition hearing were dismissed, he answered that “It is very worrying because if application is put before a panel of 28 judges and the application is unmeritorious, it will be 28-0.”

It hurts that the judges are branded political, he stressed.

“Unfortunately, it is perception, that how come a series of applications were returned with a similar margin. You will have to look at the fact and evidence put before the judges. I know the judges individually, they are of good quality, so it hurts me that they are put in that jacket.

“Indeed, the President [Akufo-Addo] himself, in one of the clips when he was interviewed about judges, he said when people go to the Supreme Court to discuss issue of constitutional propriety and legal propriety, so it is sad that people should think that a person trained in the laws who has risen to that level will abandon his law because somebody appointed him. I find it difficult to understand why some people come to that conclusion. In any case, when a matter is put before a judge, he either rules this way or that way, there is no way that we will have a draw. Of course, the losing party will always say that there is something untoward happening, the winning party will say, I had a more persuasive argument ” he told TV3’s Johnnie Hughes on Thursday June 30 while speaking on the 40th anniversary of the Martyrs’ Day celebration.

Regarding whether or not the GBA has lost its voice as far as getting duty bearers to act in the interest of the country and the people, is concerned, he said the association has always been expressing its views on national issues either through press statements or engagements with stakeholders.

Mr Forson further stated that the fundamental issue the GBA fought for, was a return to civilian rule.

That, he said, has happened with several avenues for people to express their views now in place.

“Definitely not,” he answered.

He added “I have had the opportunity to speak on this issue . the fundamental issue which the GBA was fighting was democracy. Now, every person who is ruling was elected by us so there is no fight in that direction.

“The fundamental issue which the GBA was fighting for was a return to civilian rule. There so many other voices. For example, then it was only GBC, now we have TV3 and others, we have social media which is also a very string force. So I cannot say that the GBA has lot its voice,” he said.

source: 3news

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